Ștefan Ciobanu

A wholehearted musician that wears many hats: piano player, singer, sound engineer

Ștefan Ciobanu

Stefan "The Jukebox" Ciobanu is indeed the person you'd want by your side as a musician, no matter you're a student, a recording artist or a live gig musician. He studied piano, keyboards and vocal technique, worked on cruise ships as a show band leader and pianist, one-man show artist, show lead vocalist and even Assistant Cruise Director.

Back home in Romania he worked as a recording engineer for many well-known bands and artists, he was the band leader for two major TV Shows on national television and, as a live stage musician, he did the orchestral, keyboard and backing vocals for many Romanian artists, such as Andra, Connect-R, Pepe, Luminita Anghel, Adrian Enache, Aurelian Temisan and the world acclaimed panflute magician, Gheorghe Zamfir.

The "Adriana Vlad Band" project fits like a glove to Stefan, for he can get his musical knowledge, inspiration and experience out their best along with some of the best Romanian musicians.